UDL & Cultural Strengths: Faculty & Student Reflection Opportunities

UDL & Cultural Strengths: Faculty & Student Reflection Opportunities


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Lillian Nave is a Senior Lecturer in First-Year Seminar and the Universal Design for Learning Coordinator and VITAL Faculty Coordinator at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. She also is the host of Think UDL, a podcast centered around Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Presentation Description

Join Lillian Nave for this interactive Zoom workshop on Universal Design for Learning and teaching across cultural strengths. We will learn how UDL offers opportunities for reflection and why that is important for culturally relevant pedagogy.

Pre-Session Materials


  • This is an excellent 3 minute video by AHEAD Ireland about Universal Design for Learning that explains in simple terms why UDL is so important, and why it has people and learner variability, at its center.
  • Todd Rose, a founder of CAST and UDL, explains “The Myth of Average” in this 19 minute TED talk which focuses on why we should value difference.
  • These 5 minute videos on UDL from my colleague at Oakland University give a great overview specific to college classroom settings.


  • Why Learn? is a 40-minute podcast episode (with transcript) of Think UDL that gives a background and reasoning behind UDL in Higher Education.
  • Making UDL Work for Everyone is a 40-minute episode (w/transcript) of the Think UDL podcast that explains what UDL is and how to take your first steps to implementing UDL principles in your courses.


  • UDL and Tech is a one page sheet detailing the application of UDL with no-tech, low-tech, and hi-tech solutions.
  • UDL Infographic gives an overview of UDL principles and stated goals of using UDL.


  • CAST is the most comprehensive website for UDL, but it can be overwhelming for the beginner.
  • The UDL Guidelines, also produced by CAST, allow for user interaction to learn more about each guideline.
  • Think UDL is my podcast website that houses 40+ episodes of UDL conversations along with resources for each episode and a transcript.


Universal Design for Learning (UDL); intercultural teaching

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UDL & Cultural Strengths: Faculty & Student Reflection Opportunities