About Institutional Repositories

Berklee’s Research Media and Information Exchange (REMIX) is an open access repository through the University is able to publish and centralize the research, scholarly works, and creative projects developed by members of the Berklee community, including institutes, faculty, staff, and students. While the repository is managed by Berklee Archives and Special Collections, it is freely accessible online to those outside the Berklee Community and serves as a permanent digital archive for the materials housed within the site. The platform also hosts materials from academic events sponsored by the institution, including conferences, symposiums and workshops. As an institutional repository, REMIX can support the preservation and publication of a wide range of materials and media formats, including faculty research or creative works, student projects, peer-reviewed journals associated with Berklee, pre or post-prints of journal articles, educational resources, webinars, conference or event proceedings, working papers, lectures, podcasts, datasets, departmental newsletters and other reports, to name a few.

Name Change Policy

Berklee’s Research Media and Information Exchange (REMIX) supports the rights of authors, artists, and creators to change the name displayed both alongside and within their work. Name change requests from authors will automatically be applied to a record’s metadata (e.g. the author name field, appearances of a name in an abstract, etc.). Name changes can also be made within text-based documents (i.e. pdf, docx, csv) hosted on REMIX, if specifically requested. While we are not able to accommodate revisions to image or audio-visual items, we can add disclaimer text to the work(s) in question. When requesting a name change for your work, no justification is needed.

To request a name change, please send an email to remix@berklee.edu with the following information:

  1. The change requested, including the name that currently displays and the one that should replace it.
  2. A list of the records you would like changed, with a link to each item. If you are requesting changes within text-based documents, please also indicate these items in your list.
  3. If you would like disclaimer text to appear alongside image or audio-visual files, please provide the specific text you would like displayed.

Takedown Requests

Berklee’s Research Media and Information Exchange (REMIX) is intended to provide permanent open access to the works created by Berklee institutes, faculty, staff, and students. Materials made available in REMIX will only be removed under specific circumstances following a process of internal review by Berklee Archives and Special Collections. Takedown requests should be sent as an email to remix@berklee.edu. In your email, please provide a link to the item(s) in question, the reason for removal, and any supporting justification for your takedown request. Decisions regarding your request will be shared by a staff member of Berklee Archives.

Reasons a work may be considered for takedown include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The work was found to be plagiarized or in violation of other relevant Berklee policies
  • The work was found to be in violation of copyright law
  • The item includes information that should not have been made public
  • The work was posted without the permission of the creator(s) or other contributors

A work will not be considered for removal because it no longer reflects a creator’s current views, practices, skills, affiliations, or tastes.

Depending on specific circumstances, it is possible that the removal of a work from REMIX will not automatically result in the removal of its metadata record. In those cases, it is possible that information regarding withdrawn works (e.g. its abstract, author information, etc.) will still be available. Similarly, removal of a record from the repository does not guarantee its removal from sources that indexed the page prior to takedown (e.g. search engines, Google Scholar, etc.).