Sheila Scott

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Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan; Language Development

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ABLE Arts Resource Center; Autism; Pre-School; Early Childhood; Elementary School(K-6); General Music


Scott, S. (2015) Music-Based Activities to promote Understanding and Acquisition of language for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Individuals with autism spectrum disorder respond positively to music. This is due, in part, to their ability to perceive and remember isolated pitches and identify the contour of melodic fragments. As well, a positive relationship exists between a child’s ability to vocalize musically and the ability to speak. These observations support the use of music-based activities for students with ASD to practice and demonstrate their abilities to perceive pitch. Educational experiences through songs and singing also provide opportunities for these children to combine their perceptions of pitch, their ability to vocalize musically, and their ability to form words.



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