Apoorva Krishna


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As the name implies concomitance and connection through taking chances, my project ‘SANYOG’ focusses on exploring the global possibilities of collaborative creativity through the genre of music I have been trained in for over 15 years, Indian Carnatic Music. Having inculcated several instruments that I have never extensively performed with before such as piano, harp, drums, bass guitar, as well as concepts of music that were entirely new to me be it harmony, grooves, arranging, song forms, western notation, compositional techniques or even world rhythms into my music, it has given me an incredible amount of exposure as well as a completely fresh perspective of combining Indian Classical microtones, scales, melodies, rhythms, and improvisation each time within a different context of the numerous inspiring worlds of music, traditions and cultures. My belief in the creation of a new identity and body of work not just by integrating various styles of music but instead the musicians themselves as a whole, has given rise to the development and discovery of both myself as well as my music. Constant inquisitiveness, listening, ear training, analyzations of compositions, learning from expert teachers, keen observation, practice, performances, and openness has drastically helped me broaden my knowledge and expand my creativity by bringing about cross-cultural oneness showing how music can speak of its exclusivity and inclusivity while simultaneously playing together holistically. A total of 6 songs were composed and recorded incorporating creative violin- based collaborations of Indian Classical with influences of various styles of music from all around the world including Latin, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Western Classical and Flamenco.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


violin; collaboration; Indian Classical


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 6 .wav files), scores (ZIP file containing 4 .pdf documents).