Representing: La Mujer

Representing: La Mujer


Kei Riggins



This project is a debut EP exploring the personal experiences and stories of Latin American women. It was also exploring my artist’s identity through self-reflection, research, composition, arranging and performing. It was accomplished by recordings, rehearsals, arrangements, performances, composing, and workshops. I wrote 5 compositions and arranged one song that are about myself and the Latin women in my life that have inspired me. These songs tell our experiences and stories in different styles, languages and emotions. I performed different compositions with covers of traditional music from Latin America piecing together a show of music about Latin American women. Lastly, I have recorded the music so that it can be mixed and mastered into an EP that digitally can be released in the future as I establish myself as a singer-songwriter in the music industry. It is the hope of this project to share the stories of modern women’s experiences, to break stereotypes placed on women of color and to add to the discussion on feminism and women’s rights.

Publication Date



Valencia (Spain) Campus


Women’s rights; Latina; Chile; Mexico; Folk; Traditional; Modern; Salsa; Pop/Rock; Singer-Songwriter; Feminism; Social Issues; Identity; Creative Project; EP; Album


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), EP (ZIP file containing 6 .wav files), video (.mp4), scores (ZIP file containing 6 .pdf documents).

Representing: La Mujer