Old Soul; New Music: What’s an Artist Supposed to do?

Old Soul; New Music: What’s an Artist Supposed to do?


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The purpose of this project is to establish myself as an artist and to begin developing the tools necessary for a lasting career. Through the creation of an entirely new EP made up of four original compositions while simultaneously exploring dissemination strategies through the release of five pre-recorded singles, I examine the art of the creative process with a focus on what one actually does with their recordings once they’ve finished them. I analyze and borrow elements from a range of different artists in the pursuit of my own unique sonic fingerprint, with a particular focus on production during the development of my EP. Through the process, I broadened my knowledge on topics of production and collaboration, and gained a broader understanding of an artist’s position and responsibilities in the current music industry. The ideas of creative vision, artistic identity, and how an artist fits into and is perceived by their broader community become thematic focal points, and I hope someday this work may serve as a record demystifying some of the first steps for a burgeoning artist.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Creative Project; Action Research; Recording; Songwriting; EP; Production; 70’s Singer-Songwriter; Acoustic Rock; Soul


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.mp4), EP (ZIP file containing 4 .wav files).

Old Soul; New Music: What’s an Artist Supposed to do?