The Journey

The Journey


Giovanni Giusti


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The purpose of my project is to become an original artist who writes and produces music with a clear artistic identity. As a bass player, I’ve been a session man for most of my musical career, and I feel I’m ready to make the next step and start building a career as an artist. My music is the result of a blend of styles and genres that forged me as a musician, and my plan is first to perform and refine it, eventually following with an EP release. Exploring new artists, developing my instrumental skills, writing, arranging, producing and networking, being proficient with technology, I think nowadays these are all crucial elements to succeed in this goal. In this paper, I show my approach on writing and performing music by analyzing three of my compositions: 1. “What Did You Say”, 2. “Joyful Winter” and 3. “Come Get It”. These songs well represent my unique blend of Jazz, Fusion and RNB with Funk/Electronica. For every song, I go through the entire process of music creation from the first idea or sketch to the final piece of music. I show how these 3 demo songs were recorded and developed very differently from one another, ranging from a more intellectual compositional writing based on harmony and theory, to a full electronic demo MIDI DAW recording approach, showing the evolution of my skill sets and how I use and incorporate them in writing and performing.Further, I’ll talk about the methodology and the process I used to compose my music, and my professional plan for the future.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


creative project; performative creative research; recording; composition; electronic production; jazz; fusion; funk; electronica


Project Components: paper (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 4 .wav files), video (.mp4), lead sheets (ZIP file containing 2 .pdf documents).

The Journey