From Traditional To Contemporary

From Traditional To Contemporary



I love traditional genres. The purpose of this CE is to try to connect younger generations with their tradition by the hand of music. In these Ce you will understand the traditional genres of: Watlz, Chacarera and Buleria by the analysis of scores and by the research of fundamental concepts such as rhythmic cells, and lyrics: themes that are most uses in these genres. After this, I will apply my musicality in a creative way for composing. Mix them with nontraditional genres and trying to create a more contemporary sound without making the genre lose their essence. The result are 3 songs of the mentioned genres with a nontraditional sound but with traditional musical resources. The main conclusion is that understanding this project, the approach can get focus into other different traditional genres, where different musicians can apply their musicality and their perspective.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Latin music; Chacarera; Waltz; Buleria; Creative Project


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 3 .wav files), videos (ZIP file containing 4 .mp4 files), scores (ZIP file containing 3 .pdf documents).

From Traditional To Contemporary