Application of Symphonic Elements to Melodic Death Metal

Application of Symphonic Elements to Melodic Death Metal


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The purpose of my project is to combine classical music with melodic death metal effectively. As a composer, I will improve my arranging and orchestration skills by analysing different orchestral arrangements and classical works, and writing full orchestra arrangements for three melodic death metal songs. As a drummer, I will improve my technique to play music of this genre. Analysing orchestral works (arrangements and compositions) has provided me the knowledge to write my own orchestral music and combine it with metal music, considering that both are important in the music and one cannot be over the other. And the constant practice of my instrument, has given me the tools to improve my playing when recording and playing live, especially in metal. Combining these two genres, opposite but with several similarities, allows others to explore other styles and mixing them, finding their characteristics in common and effectively create music.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


metal; melodic death metal; classical music; drums; arrangement; orchestration


Project Components: paper (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 5 .wav files), sheet music (ZIP file containign 10 .pdf documents).

Application of Symphonic Elements to Melodic Death Metal