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This Culminating Experience is made up of six recorded songs which will make up my debut EP titled, How Am I Here? Although I come from singer-songwriter and pop roots, this EP does not fit perfectly into any certain genre and combines elements of different styles to form a unique sound. This reflective paper follows the journey of taking these songs from lyrics and chords in notebooks, to arranged and studio recorded songs that are on the way to being released. Much work was needed to make this all happen. With collaborations from other CPPD musicians that played on the tunes, and MPTI producers and engineers, we were able to take my songs to a new world; a world that will soon be shared with listeners across platforms. This year was one of not only musical growth, but personal growth. In this paper I reflect on the ways in which I grew, and I speak on everything it took to make a song sound how I had always heard it in your head, from rehearsals, to numerous recording sessions. The goal was to finish recording the stems of a work that would fit into the pop world but offer a new twist on the lyrical and musical content. With hard work and help from my wonderful peers, we succeeded in doing so.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), EP (ZIP file containing 5 .wav files, 1 .mp3 file).

How Am I Here? - EP