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In this CE project, I set out to find my artistic identity based on four specific genres (jazz, latin jazz, samba, and funk) that I had identified as important to me in my time before Berklee, Valencia. To accomplish this goal, I completed research in one song from each genre, completing transcriptions/score analysis, emotional timelines, and harmonic analysis on the tunes “On Green Dolphin Street” from Life in the Bubble, “Pa’mi Gente” from Pasaporte, “Triste” from Elis & Tom and “Click Bait” from the Striped Album. While conducting this research, I composed original tunes for a 5 track EP of instrumental horn music exploring this new identity. In practice, each composition on Even More (“Prickly Pears,” “La Palma,” “O Papa-léguas,” “Aún Más” and “A Tune for my Friends”) each ended up being in a different style, each one helping the search for this sound and new identity. While I did not find the sound I was searching for, I did find out things about myself and my music that I will carry with me into my future career.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


EP; musicology; composition; artistic identity; horn music


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio (ZIP file containing 5 .wav files), scores (ZIP file containing 5 .pdf documents).

Isaac Wisdom & the Search for a Sound