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“How to become a versatile vocalist and well-rounded performer” presents the layout for handbook in which I propose the study of musical performance for singers as a combination of several disciplines such as music, acting, and even psychology. This handbook is a result of my experiences in music and performance, prior to and while at Berklee, and intends to open the possibilities for the vocal student to explore the development of performance as an individual journey in which they search for their artistic identity with a practical guide. The key elements included in the handbook are tools to develop your artistry, such as: research of music context (composer, history, artists, lyrics), how to analyze and prepare a music piece in a performative perspective, basic vocal techniques, practicing songs with and without emotions, body expression, how our body reacts to emotions, how to create a performance, how to learn new music genres and tricks to get over stage fright and how can you develop your personal brand as an artist.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Handbook; autoethnography method; pedagogy


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 3 .mp3 files).

How to become a versatile vocalist and well-rounded performer