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This CE is a form of music performance based on the music and recitals I came into contact with during my growth process. My objective is to create a new form of music communication that musicians can use during live performances together with music (Chord to Visual). Combining visual effects and interacting with the audience, discover new ways of artistic expression through the mix of acoustic music and mixed media, developing systems of communication between sound and image. I chose to do Action Research and make a real-time analysis of Chord to visual in live performances, because of this process, there will be many failures, so I can only try repeatedly until I succeed. That's why I chose Action Research This system will contribute to any musicians performing live performances. I believe this will be helpful to many musicians who like to combine live music performances with visual effects.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), videos (ZIP file containing 4 .mp4 files), audio file (.wav).

Chord V Maybe: Developing A New Method of Artistic Expressions