Story Teller

Story Teller


Brent Hamker


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I wanted to do a project that created drama. I wanted a project that had clarity and honesty. I wanted honesty of where I’m from and who I am. I also wanted a project that would challenge me and make me leave my comfort zone. I have not spent a considerable amount of time composing my own music and thus I felt that this would be a great opportunity to gain some experience in this facet of my career. I decided to write a five-part suite in which the music would narrate a story from my own imagination. I began outlining the story and the parts I believed to be most important to its plot. The most important parts would be the parts of the story in which emotion was at its peak and I that could capitalize on the most as far as material to work with.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 5 .wav files).

Story Teller