The Marimba and Vibraphone in Flamenco

The Marimba and Vibraphone in Flamenco



My CE is focused in the Flamenco style as applied to performance in the marimba and vibraphone. I´m going to research the flamenco guitar technique and musical skills particular to the instrument and apply it to the marimba and vibraphone. The process will start doing research starting from Spanish Andalucía dialect to performances in live concerts, through understanding the Flamenco Palos, traditions and techniques. I will create and record some compositions and arrangements in the flamenco style, which will include improvisation. The final production of these works will be a performance in a live concerts having all of this knowledges.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: paper (.pdf), audio file (.wav), videos (ZIP file containing 8 .mp4 files), photos (ZIP file containing 7 .jpg files, 24 .png files).

The Marimba and Vibraphone in Flamenco