An Investigation of the Future of Music, Fitness and Technology

An Investigation of the Future of Music, Fitness and Technology


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Recent studies provide concrete evidence supporting the benefits of listening to music while exercising, including reduction in perceived exertion, increase in time to exhaustion and increase in workout intensity and efficiency. This research aims to provide deeper understanding as to why and how consumers are using music or audio during exercise, how this consumer behavior has influenced the interdependent relationship between the music and fitness industries, and how new technological developments can be utilized to open new revenue streams to music rights holders while providing unique fitness experiences to consumers. Through a series of focus group discussions and a survey, it was discovered that most consumers are using familiar music and audio as a source of motivation, and selecting music based on their mood. Among participants, the use of podcasts and a distrust in curated playlists were common. Using these results, four consumer profiles emerged, and two unique innovations were conceived. These findings and consumer profiles suggest that mood indicators in connection to music are an adequate direction to follow when integrating audio and technology into the fitness landscape. To continue to improve the beneficial relationship between music and fitness, the music must be properly licensed depending on its use, which offers an opportunity to emerging artists for exposure to an untapped audience.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


research project; fitness; exercise; consumer research; focus groups; qualitative research; exercise music


Project Components: one research paper, one reflection paper, one presentation.

An Investigation of the Future of Music, Fitness and Technology