Record Labels Making Meaningful Change In The Music Industry’s Mental Health Crisis

Record Labels Making Meaningful Change In The Music Industry’s Mental Health Crisis



The music industry has been facing a major mental health crisis over the past decade, which has been heightened by the impacts of the global pandemic. From the uncertainty and high pressure naturally associated with a career in entertainment, these stressors have reached a new level of intensity this past year. Research shows that artists are now twice as likely to face mental health issues than the general population. Therefore, more support needs to be provided as we lose an increasing number artists every year due to poor mental health and addiction issues. As music industry executives work in the same environment and face many of the same issues, it is also important to address how they can be better supported, especially since they are often overlooked. One of the greatest stakeholders in an artists’ success are often record labels. They continually invest in artist marketing and promotion; however, they lack a real investment in the artist’s wellness to support career longevity. Furthermore, the record label’s role in artist and employee mental health needs to be addressed, especially with the resources they have at hand. This paper intends to present the context of the current music industry landscape in terms of the mental health crisis while analyzing current initiatives that have been put in place by both independent and major record labels. In order to explain the context of this topic, the paper evaluates past, present, and future issues in the industry while highlighting specific labels and trends. Research was conducted through secondary articles, primary interviews, and two surveys. More specifically, interviews were with music industry professionals to identify best practices for record labels in supporting artist and employee mental health. The paper also reviews two surveys conducted with artists and label employees to identify the most valued and desired mental health initiatives labels could implement. Lastly, it concludes with overall insights, possible action plans, and next steps for research.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Mental Health; Music Industry; Record Label; Wellness; Meaningful Change; Independent Label; Major Label; Artist; Employee; Company Culture


Project Components: one research paper, one reflection paper, one presentation.

Record Labels Making Meaningful Change In The Music Industry’s Mental Health Crisis