Flex | Creatorbase (Business Plan)

Flex | Creatorbase (Business Plan)


Yash Bagal



The following business plan outlines the product and business roadmap for Flex, a SaaS product to be launched by Creatorbase. Technology has significantly lowered the barriers to content creation and distribution, blurring the line separating content consumers and content creators. These content creators are now becoming entrepreneurs running businesses centred around their intellectual property. Our goal is to give them access to the tools that enable them to run their careers as lean and scalable enterprises. The following business plan outlines the details around Flex, our first product offering. Flex is a platform that uses natural language processing to analyze artist management and label contracts to give them clear and actionable legal insight helping them make well-informed decisions. The plan aims to build a product that creators love to use, rather than something that’s too complicated for them to understand. Our mission is to use technology to bridge the gap between art and commerce. We have detailed a comprehensive business plan with a macro-level analysis of the market, a micro-level view of the product, how it can achieve Product-Market Fit, as well as revenue projections that help prospective investors understand the intricacies of the business.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one outcome paper, one reflection paper.

Flex | Creatorbase (Business Plan)