A&R Manager at Disrupción Records

A&R Manager at Disrupción Records


Camila Anino


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Disrupción Records is the record label from Berklee College of Music Valencia. Throughout the years, Berklee projects and artists were released through the label. The students of the Global Entertainment & Music Business Master program have run the label from its beginning, presenting a difficult challenge which is the fact that the team changes every year when the new students come. This disadvantage makes the label lack continuity in its vision and mission, among other things, and it also makes the different teams start from scratch every time they take over. This past year, one of the main objectives was setting strong foundations and coming up with a way of making the transition between each year a smooth one. In this paper, the journey of the past year working for the label as an A&R Manager is described, together with the objectives, resources, experiences and learning outcomes. Its main aim is to provide some guidelines for the next A&R Managers who will have written words at their disposal, about what the previous person in charge of doing the job wished had known before, what was learnt throughout the year, which artists still need to be taken care of, and how, due to their agreement term.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one reflection paper.

A&R Manager at Disrupción Records