Business Plan: RAD Music

Business Plan: RAD Music


Stephen Bisson


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The following business plan outlines the details of a startup called RAD Music. RAD stands for rate and discover. This company is an LLC that provides hip-hop artists with a vehicle for easier discovery and a community for development. The company focuses on consumer ratings and feedback to help develop artists and organize them based on development/popularity. It aims to organize new talent in an easily discoverable format for talent scouts looking to invest, consumers searching for new music, and artists looking to collaborate. We plan to help artists, consumers, and talent scouts alike. RAD Music is positioned as a tool for talented artists to have their music actually heard and receive feedback. It aims to combat the high level of over-saturation on other free music uploading services like Soundcloud and Youtube. In addition, it focuses on only undiscovered artists and acts in some capacity as a talent competition further encouraging only the most talented artists to upload to the site. Finally, RAD Music further cuts down on over- saturation by focusing only on hip-hop artists which is currently the most popular genre in the United States.

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Business Plan: RAD Music