Sing With Me: Reborn

Sing With Me: Reborn


Seo Hyun Kim


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This paper is about a journey of my hybrid identity, as an artist Kish and a business professional Seo Hyun Kim, on the process of re- releasing my first single, Sing with Me, in three different languages and three different genres. The purpose of this project is to test my multi-language and multi-genre recordings on specific target markets as an international release strategy. Throughout the process, I have collaborated with a total of 28 musicians, recording engineers, mixing and mastering engineers, and designers and faculties across all programs at Berklee Valencia to produce six recordings. In order to test the market before the release, I have surveyed a sample size of 200 people, mainly targeting the markets of English- Speaking countries, Spanish-speaking countries and Korea. Through the analysis of the survey result, I was able to gain valuable qualitative and quantitative results that provided insights for forming an international release strategy. It was a challenging process to produce recordings and analyze data within a tight time frame, but rewarding in that I was able to experience interdisciplinary aspects of being an artist and an executive producer, conducting market research and analysis, and providing a gateway for other emerging artists.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


International Release Strategy; language; genre; EP; market analysis


Project Components: one reflection paper.

Sing With Me: Reborn