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Tools for Navigating Public Relations in a "Cancel Culture" Climate/Grown, Gifted, & Black Consulting/Michael Jackson’s 40th Anniversary of “Off the Wall”: A Tribute Performance


Zoe Schneider



I completed the planning and execution of a tribute performance, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Michael Jackson's solo album, Off the Wall. In executing a musical performance of scale at a respectable public venue, I’ve displayed testament to my abilities to organize and manage a project. It was a platform with which to showcase my musicianship, and my pursuit of excellence in mastering a new musical craft. I’ve proved that I'm an accomplished singer, and also a bassist, drummer, and pianist. Furthermore, I was able to develop an ideal growth strategy for my consulting firm, Grown, Gifted, and Black, feeding my desire to serve and give back to young artists of color. Finally, I’ve expanded upon my research into how we can encourage and support public figures to be socially conscious artists, and fully embrace their duty to be a well-informed global citizen. This is research intended to propel me into my doctoral thesis ethnomusicology application on my completion of this program.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one reflection paper, one consulting paper, one perofmance report, one presentation.

Tools for Navigating Public Relations in a