Indo Flamenco Concert

Indo Flamenco Concert


Dhaval Kothari


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Indo Flamenco Concert that I organised in Valencia was a successful event of 300 Spanish people enjoying Indian and Flamenco music. It was organised with Dhaval music foundation which is registered with Cultural ministry of India and was supported by Berklee college of music. The other local sponsors were Ayurveda, Taj Mahal restaurant, Raffello, Reina Roja band, and support of Indian Consulate Madrid. The goal of the Indo-Flamenco concert is to raise funds for non-profit organisations that work for the well-being of children. The concept of this concert is to contemplate the Spanish roots of Flamenco that come from the western part of India called Rajasthan. The Romani population (gypsies) emigrated and settled in Spain, after having traveled through the Iberian peninsula, gathering vibrant influences from different cultures. The exuberant and omnipotent joy of Spain shows a great resemblance to the contagious joy impregnated in the Indian dance and its patterns, as well as in the Kathak dance style of northern India. All the money was proceeded to Foundation Vicente Ferrer and Foundation Fuvane.

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Indo Flamenco Concert