The Berklee Sessions: COPE Radio Valencia

The Berklee Sessions: COPE Radio Valencia


Melissa Caton


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Cadena COPE is one of the largest national radio stations in Spain. This operational project focuses on six, monthly organized sessions for the radio featuring Berklee student musicians and Berklee faculty/fellow/staff guest speakers. I wanted to organise an opportunity to showcase the cultural and musical diversity of the Berklee Valencia campus, while at the same time creating an invaluable experience for the emerging artists who are currently attending various degree programs. Each student performer commented that they believed the COPE collaboration was an invaluable initiative. Pre-show and post-show social media numbers were collected from each artist to observe if any noticeable difference could be determined in connected to the sessions. However, I was able to determine that the true value of this collaborative initiative was on a more personal level. For Berklee, organic promotional content, COPE unique engaging programming, and for the students, an industry relevant resume building.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one operational report, one reflection paper.

The Berklee Sessions: COPE Radio Valencia