The Importance of Music on the Early Development

The Importance of Music on the Early Development


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In this research project, the main focus was to understand the ways in which music affects children’s early development. To gather this information, there was a literature review done about neurological and scientific experiments done about the motor skill, language, social, and auditory memory. An evidence of a sensitive period for music education before the age of 7 was noted throughout the literature review and is advised to take into consideration by parents. Also, a study on the musical toys and electronic games was fulfilled in order to understand if these follow the scientific research and if they helped create a musically rich environment. In fact, these products do take into consideration and other proposals on products were made. For example, the development of an app that records a mother’s voice in a low pitch that will help newborns in their auditory development. Also, the creation of musical electronic books in the future.

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Project Components: one research paper, one reflection paper.

The Importance of Music on the Early Development