Take me to Neverland

Take me to Neverland


Jingfei Chen


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My project is called “Take me to Neverland” which I did with Xi Chen together. Basically, “Take me to Neverland” is a live music promoter based in Beijing and Shanghai who will provide high quality, affordable live music entertainment in these two cities. It will bring curated, special live music associated with most fun, artsy and cultural related theme events to bring the whole experience to the next level. Moreover, one thing special about the project is we choose to target the expatriates in China as our primary target audience, which nobody did it before in China. We also aimed to become the first live promoter in China who has a strong branding concept behinds the company itself, not merely promoting various artists without any connection between one and another, or without delivering deeper messages to our consumers which is, we want to share a certain live style of young people, more than just an music experience. We want people are able to “listening to the heart, living in the art.”

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one outcome paper, one reflection paper.

Take me to Neverland