Opportunities in South America’s Live Music Industry

Opportunities in South America’s Live Music Industry


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Over the past several years, Latin America has seen a drastic transformation from a region that is seen by foreign artists and companies as too risky to enter due to political unrest, piracy, and unknown market potential to one that has fully accepted global trends in technology and digital media and is now predicted to be one of the fastest growing markets for entertainment. The transformation in South America’s entertainment industry has led to a remarkable growth in the live music industries in Brazil and Argentina, and more and more foreign artists, promoters, and brands are forming strategies to penetrate these emerging markets. This research document collects the perspectives of some of the leaders in live music who have been active in the internationalization of South America’s festival and concert scenes and combines this information with the newest news reports, data, and industry reports to highlight the crucial areas of opportunity for strategies in the music industry of these countries. The report expands on the particular music consumption behaviors within Brazil and Argentina, the two largest markets for electronic music in the continent.

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Project Components: one research paper, one reflection paper.

Opportunities in South America’s Live Music Industry