Unicorn Event Series

Unicorn Event Series


Xi Chen


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Based on the research, interview and conversation that I did during the completion of the culminating experience project, I have identified the fact that music market in China becomes one of the most up­rising markets in the world, Chinese audiences, especially younger generation who has been further exposed to foreign music, are eager to discover great music as well as live experience to fulfill their need. So, this project lives its mission by holding a series of event and inviting artists from all over the world to the Chinese promising market, thus helping to generate and integrate resources from both sides in a more efficient way. Moreover, the idea of connecting and integrating resources to hold event could help to better discover commercial opportunities so that both sides can benefit from it. More specifically, the project will first focus on artist from neighbor county ­ South Korea and then expand to other connections such as Spain, Sweden, United States and United Kingdom.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one outcome paper, one reflection paper, one presentation.

Unicorn Event Series