Business Plan: OverHear

Business Plan: OverHear


Aman Wadhwa


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OverHear will be the first platform to offer a live music events discovery feature coupled with a public review and rating system for live music venues. With its unique combination of a free platform for public users and a paid content management system (CMS) for venues, OverHear is a revolutionary offering to the live music market. Unlike competitors that give limited information on venues and artists, and/or focus on only highly established or international acts, OverHear will offer its services to even the smallest of venues to give them the opportunity to compete with established venues. OverHear will assist live music venues, streamline their event planning process, better understand their customers live music taste and expectations and use that information to promote and reach out to their targeted market in the most effective way.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one business plan, one reflection paper.

Business Plan: OverHear