Imagining Colombia & Music for Kids Playground Festival

Imagining Colombia & Music for Kids Playground Festival


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Imagining Colombia and Music 4 Kids Playground arise form the idea of start generating spaces for Children within the Music Industry including the new tools that technology has given us in order to share experiences and educate them at the same time, always with content for their age. Imagining Colombia is the short-term goal of the project with which we want to get experience and gain credibility within our market. It is an interactive performance for Children that will mix music, sound design and technology in one to teach Children about Colombia activating their imagination while they enjoy the journey discovering new tools adapted for them. Music 4 Kids Playground is the long-term goal of the entire project. It is the first Children’s Music Festival in Colombia based in technology with specific goals, to spread messages, to improve the Children’s Music Industry and deliver right content to Children.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one business plan, one reflection paper, two promotional videos (one ZIP file containing two video files).

Imagining Colombia & Music for Kids Playground Festival