TEDxBerkleeValencia 2015

TEDxBerkleeValencia 2015


Michelle Golden


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My Culminating Experience was taking on the role as Marketing Coordinator for TEDxBerkleeValencia, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the TEDx brand at the school, with the incorporation of this year’s theme, “Changing Currents,” and redefining the voice of TEDxBerkleeValencia across multiple platforms. The ultimate goal was to connect with the student audience and reach out to establish an extended audience outside of the Berklee community, into Valencia. I worked with Gwendolyn Alston, the Online Social Media Management Professor at Berklee Valencia, and the Founder of MocaMedia, a company that develops community engagement campaigns and strategies for independent films. We both shared the same goals, and on a weekly basis, spoke about how we can further increase exposure of TEDxBerkleeValencia to the school and neighboring community. In the spirit of innovation and community, the theme for TEDxBerkleeValencia 2015, Changing Currents, spoke to several notions of change: paradigm shifts; movement, both physical and societal; and new tendencies across multiple disciplines.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one reflection paper, two presentations (one ZIP file containing two PDF files), one dataset.

TEDxBerkleeValencia 2015