Zusembler: International Music Management Consulting

Zusembler: International Music Management Consulting


Carlyssa Reilly



Zusembler is an international artist consulting agency with the core mission of bringing the right people together to assist in exporting independent artists from the US into new territories. With headquarters located in Berlin, Germany, Zusembler acts as a bridge connecting US artists to a hub in the European music market. The objective of this company is to empower rising artists to grow their international audience while simultaneously educating their teams on specific tactics to practice when outside of the US. The following plan outlines the specifics of Zusembler from its core beliefs and target audience to the predicted income and pricing policy. This business plan includes an operational case study with an American artist, Jack Van Cleaf, and incorporates plans for focusing on territories in Europe, starting specifically in France, Holland, Germany, and Ireland. By working on this practice subject, Zusembler has been able to refine its offers for clientele while gaining credibility within the artist community. Within the next 5 years, Zusembler has the potential to see immense growth as more artists begin to expand beyond their traditional borders.

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business plan; consultation; international markets; tour planning; market analysis; music business; Zusembler

Zusembler: International Music Management Consulting