Uncovered Business Plan

Uncovered Business Plan


Joana Folgado



My Culminating Experience is a business plan for Uncovered, an organizer, producer and promoter of album listening sessions. The main goal of this project was to create immersive events where people feel truly connected to the music, its appreciation is elevated, and people can experience the music they love with like-minded people. To understand how the best album listening session could be, I hosted three album listening sessions, collected feedback from the audience through forms and conducted individual interviews with the attendees. The result is a finalized album listening session format and concept that highly appeals to music appreciators. Throughout my CE, I got experience on producing live events, while organizing, producing, and promoting my album listening sessions. I understood what these events should offer to create the best experience possible and to increase people’s willingness to pay. Additionally, I gained and developed skills such as time management, hard-work capacity, autonomy, and perseverance. Since I want to have a career in live entertainment and to create Uncovered in the future, all these learnings and experiences will help me succeed in reaching these goals.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Uncovered Business Plan