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This project lays out the work done this year as the Head of Distribution, Production and New Business carried out this year. The project centers around how this position impacted Disrupción Records’ operation and how the different processes were carried out. Disrupción Records is Berklee Valencia’s student run record label, providing record label services to emerging artists in an artist-friendly manner. From its inception in 2015, Disrupción has amassed more than 70 releases, and will continue to be one of the most successful student-run labels around the world. During this operational process, there were a number of steps taken to ensure a successful result. From creating guidelines documents to delivery calendars, the production process was a pivotal part of this role. Later, I was tasked with manually managing the delivery to The Orchard, our distribution party and troubleshooting any release issues that we may have. This project is still ongoing and will be until about October of 2022, but I’m glad to say that the groundwork laid out for the next Executive Team will be strong and useful.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


operational project; music business; distribution; record label; disrupcion records

Smarter Distribution, Effective Outreach