Maria Habbouche



INOCON is a conference that covers the latest cutting-edge technologies and the way they can be implemented in the music industry. It unites a wide range of international speakers, joining to teach attendees about their experiences and share their insights on the issues and solutions that could improve the life of people wishing to work in this highly dynamic industry. INOCON22 was divided into two parts that would take place across three days: the conference, on April 7th and 8th, which involved panels and guest speakers talking about a plethora of topics, and the second part being a concert on April 9th, which was the culmination of months of hard work. The main difference between this INOCON and the previous editions was that the concert would in fact be in-person for the first time, while simultaneously being livestreamed. This presented a new challenge as I needed to incite people in Valencia to attend in person instead of having them choose the livestream, which was targeted towards an international audience at this point. As the Marketing and Social Media Manager, my main tasks included content creation, managing different communication channels, maintaining audience interaction high, conducting a post-conference survey and analyzing the end-of-conference data.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus