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As the music industry joins the fight against climate change, there are many wasteful business practices that it will need to reevaluate. This research paper defines the practices that make up the carbon footprint of record labels, based in the United Kingdom and Europe in 2022. It also serves as a guide for record labels and music fans that wish to understand the negative environmental effects of the recorded music business, and how that business can be conducted more sustainably. In addition to this abstract, there are five sections of the paper. The paper begins with some necessary context: defining the central issues of climate change, how record labels function, and reviewing the history of environmental activism in music. Following the literature review is an explanation of the research question, and the methodology for and limitations of this research. The results section presents the identified label practices that have a negative impact on the environment, as well as how to address them, and introduces some emerging related topics in the field of sustainability and labels. Finally, the paper concludes with some thoughts about the impact and necessity of eco-consciousness in the music industry.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

The Consequence of Sound: Understanding the Environmental Impact of Record Labels in Continental Europe