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This project outlines the business plan for my music publishing company that aims to focus on integrating sync and TikTok to find new and creative ways to generate revenue, achieve sync placements, and utilize TikTok as a means for promotion. Viral songs on TikTok often translate over into film and television, while songs appearing in film and television achieve much of their popularity through TikTok virality. In building this business plan, I wanted to incorporate TikTok development as an arm of the company that helps artists come up with unique and creative ways to use the platform as a stepping stone for success in the sync world, whether that be coming up with compelling trends or collaborating with other artists and songwriters on the platform. While carrying out the services of a traditional publishing company, we offer creative admin deals that give artists flexibility and range while allowing us to be hands-on in the creative and promotional process as a publishing entity. In this business plan I have outlined key points of distinction between my publishing company and others, an in-depth look at our core functions and values, evidence into the growth and expansion of the independent music publishing sector, along with detailed financial projections for the company.

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SWAP Music Publishing: Business Plan