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PŌC Studios is a unique creative hub located in the magical Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, with a breathtaking view and mesmerizing culture surrounding it, PŌC offers a creative residential space like no other. It features a state-of-the-art mobile production studio and a hybrid facility that seeks to develop and host creative retreats, music seminars & workshops as well as offer musical services such as music production, mixing and mastering. We aim to submerge the visitors in the culture of Guatemala and in the traditions of the lake, provide them with a space for truly disconnect form the outside world and re-connect with themselves, their art and creativity. We draw inspiration from the local culture and the history from the lake, the name Pōc came from the ancient duck that lived on the lake, derived from the sound of the bird diving into the water to hunt. Located in Santa Catarina Palopó, one of the 7 villages surrounding lake, the space is a private and secluded property with lakefront panoramic view of the lake, it features a boutique luxury accommodation that can host up to 15 people at the same time and counts with all the necessary amenities for our guest to feel fully immersed. The space also features a music production studio, a totally hybrid and mobile set up that can be modified to the necessities of our clients, focused mostly for artist and songwriters that also produce, and for in the box mixing and mastering, we will feature some seriously great gear raging from guitars, pianos, vocal & instrument microphones, some outboard gear such as Mic Pre’s, EQ’s and Dynamics and much more. The space is not only equipped with the necessary equipment to produce and develop projects but also counts with a breathtaking location which will allow artist, songwriters and creatives of all disciplines to re-connect their art, take a step back from the buzz of day-to-day activities and immerse in the creativity. Our residential space will allow us to host these artists, but as well to create a space for knowledge with our workshops/seminars and a production house with musical and creative services.

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