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ELEMENT Booking & Promoting agency



The music industry has been dominated by American music and culture for many years. Recently with the growth of technology, other countries and cultures have been able to share their music with the world. As people have become more open to listening to a wide variety of music, various genres have been able to gain exposure and growth. For example, music from my culture including Afrobeats and Afropop in particular have been able to gain a worldwide audience. Artists such as Wizkid and BurnaBoy have given a platform for Afrobeats music and collaborated with International artists to build that audience. The European market in particular is showing a growing audience for Afrobeats, Afropop and Rap/Drill music. ELEMENT a live entertainment agency will incorporate booking, promoting and live music management services in London, Paris and Amsterdam. The agency will aim to cater to this growing audience by being one of the first leading agencies within these specific genres. ELEMENT will expand across European cities. Artists in the ELEMENT roster won’t only be collaborators due to their talent, unique voice and sound but also due to their modern style and contribution to the rise of these music genres.

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ELEMENT Booking & Promoting agency