Stepan Voracek


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This paper described the process of organizing a live event on behalf of Disrupcion Records’ imprint, Nikko Records with 3 DJs, 1 virtual artist (Hatsune Miku)and a video mapping in Valencia, Spain. First, I aimed to describe what the meaning behind the project was as well as what ancillary goals this project had. Then, by going over each step of the process I described the details about booking the venue, picking the artists and collaborating with foreign companies. Furthermore, I go over the promotion efforts that were made, the challenges I had to face and finally the outcomes and results. With this project I tried to broaden my horizons in booking acts I had no experience working with in a completely new environment and tried to bring people to listen to new types of music they may not have been familiar with. I believe this project will show future students the challenges of creating a live event from scratch with limited resources in a foreign country.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


DJ; virtual artist; record label; showcase

Nikko Records Showcase Event