Our Neighbors Without Shelter

Our Neighbors Without Shelter


Paul Pandit



“Our Neighbors Without Shelter” combines my original compositions, video, and audio clips from interviews to share the stories of people who are houseless and raises awareness about the issues they face. The five compositions I wrote are based off the responses I got to five questions I asked when interviewing houseless people over the past year. For the video, I edited each song to around two minutes and included interview clips in the music and as transitions, to create a narrative. The video I shot, both of people being interviewed and other scenes, serve to support the music and people’s voices. The other objective of my presentation was to educate people on services that exist in Boston to help the houseless community, and to emphasize what more needs to be done to end houselessness. I researched different initiatives the city of Boston is taking to end houselessness in partnership with non-profit organizations. My extra committee member, Dwayne Brown, is the volunteer services coordinator for the Boston Public Health Commission Homeless Services. He provided me with a deeper understanding of the issues facing the houseless community, and what the city of Boston is doing to help. The long-term goal of my project is to create a music outreach program for the houseless community. I hope to bring regular live music to shelters, soup kitchens, and/or transitional housing as a form of therapy for people who are going through all the difficulties surrounding houselessness.

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Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 5 .wav files), scores (ZIP file containing 5 .pdf documents), video (.mp4).

Our Neighbors Without Shelter