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The purpose of my project is to dismantle stigmas and raise awareness around mental health struggles. As a recovering addict who’s now 10 years sober, I’ve had my share of mental health issues, the biggest one being crippling anxiety along with other issues at play. Mental health awareness hasn’t caught up yet in relationship to the collective rapid health decline, specially, post- covid. My goal is to bring visibility to this community from a personal point of view. By bringing the topic into light we would make a significant advance on these issues. Thorough research will strengthen the points I’m trying to convey with my compositions. If the conversation is not de-stigmatized, as you would talk about Type II diabetes, misinformation and ignorance could continue doing a lot of harm. People need to know its ok not to be ok as well as actively trying to understand our emotions better and seek help when needed. Whenever we write music that addresses a social and/or political issue we are opening the door for future business endeavors and collaborations. We don't really know the extent of these stigmas impact, but I'm willing to spend my life figuring it out.

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Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pptx), audio files (ZIP file containing 4 .wav files), scores (ZIP file containing 4 .pdf documents).

Past and Future, Never Present