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“We Should Care” is a multidisciplinary project that explores the use of music as a tool that will highlight the communal struggles of different oppressed groups throughout the globe. It consists of music written for different socio-political issues. The purpose is to highlight the interconnections between different social justice issues including: racism and white supremacy, imperialism, repressive systems in the context of military dictatorships, patriarchy and sexism, mental health and stigma. Hopefully the listener will look at identity politics through the lens of intersectionality in order to understand the communal struggles, the need to show solidarity to movements outside of their own political identity, and realize that the communal struggle we share is caused from the unequal system our society is based on, that benefits the few. The music is based on the ”Jazz” (Black American Music) genre and draws influences from the blues, avant garde, free jazz, contemporary pop, and classical (western) idioms, reflecting the interconnection of the socio-political issues with different music forms of expression.

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Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 3 .wav files, 1 .mp3 file), scores (ZIP file containing 4 .pdf documents), videos (ZIP file containing 2 .mov files).

We Should Care