CE Project

CE Project


Max Ridley


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This project will involve me bringing two of my greatest loves in life together, Music and Science Fiction. I will do this in three ways, the first being writing pieces based on some of my favorite Sci-Fi stories and authors. The second will be to put together a group using non-conventional instrumentation to create a sonic palate somewhat unfamiliar. This is to have an effect of the futuristic, treating this ensemble as if it’s a standard format but in another time period. Like a classical string quartet or a jazz quintet but in an age where we have evolved into another “standard” format, whatever this may be. This is only a creative projection, much like an author’s vision of a future to set a story in. This is not a prediction based on current trends in music. The third is going to be using certain effects (electronics/pedals) on acoustic instruments to bring in a “cyborg” element of having both the organic and the mechanic operating in the same organism. The obvious thing to do would be to use all electronics or programing but I really want to take it in a different direction and have everybody first and foremost playing an acoustic instrument before this electronic element is added.

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Project Components: presentation (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 5 .mp3 files).

CE Project