Mind Games

Mind Games


Aidan Lombard



Developing my Culminating Experience certainly challenged me as a trumpet player, improvisor, composer and bandleader. But most importantly, it forced me to honestly evaluate who I am as a person currently, who I want to be, and how I want my music to represent that/ what I want it to do for others. Over the course of this year it became clear to me that virtually everyone I know is dealing with crippling insecurity at all times. It sounds silly, but insecurity and shame is such a personal experience, and that insecurity informs peoples’ behavior in vastly different ways, so it is rarely discussed honestly, therefore it can be difficult to see and understand. I found comfort in the realization that what I have been dealing with is completely human and natural, but I also began to notice how personal insecurity fuels prejudice, assumptions, and misunderstanding. Most importantly, I saw how insecurity inhibits honest communication, which is at the diplomacy. I believe that this insecurity that we all share is the driving force of our thoughts, principles and actions, and I wanted my project to be an honest portrayal of how I am dealing with mine. More simply, wanted it to be and open confession of the fact that I have insecurities, in the hopes that it would become clear to everybody that we all do.

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Boston Campus


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (ZIP file containing 2 .pdf documents), audio files (ZIP file containing 4 .wav files), scores (ZIP file containing 4 .pdf documents).

Mind Games