The Power Of Sound & Vibrations

The Power Of Sound & Vibrations


Lior Tzemach


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My project was very challenging on a lot of levels, taking concepts from the past, the ancient world, concepts that are not exactly musical but involve sound and make a clear connection to today’s world using technology and production techniques as a vehicle for these ideas to bloom. I wanted to take a few symbols from ancient cultures – The Flower of Live, and the Staff of Asclepius. These shapes appear in many different parts of the world with no clear evidence that they are connected. It was my opportunity to showcase the connection. In the end I finished recording a whole album combining 3 long pieces : +,0,- that resembles the motion of a Sine Wave, purest form of sound in nature. Because I wanted to feature so many artists I had to use some recording skills and make everyone play on top of each other on a separate recording and align that later (overdubs). Although my intention was to create a very organic feeling like everyone is at the same room, I had to make some adjustments on a technical level.

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Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 3 .wav files), scores (ZIP file containing 3 .pdf documents).

The Power Of Sound & Vibrations