A Note To My Mentors

A Note To My Mentors


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Public music education faces one of its most challenging eras yet. School administrators and local/federal governments make cuts to music budgets nationwide. This state of public music education is even more worrisome due to COVID-19, which contributes to the loss of educators jobs, programs, and livelihoods. Through a series of musical compositions and interviews, “A Note To My Mentors” comments on the state of music education. It explores the importance of having a music program, and the overall importance and advantageous impact that music has on young children, throughout their lives. Through interviews with figures of the Massachusetts educational community, the creative collaboration aims to highlight the importance of mentors and teachers, who have a tremendous impact on the worldview of a young, impressionable student. The findings and results shone a light on the difficulties of the job of a music teacher or administrator, but also the trials and tribulations a teacher faces. There is also an element of triumph and gratification when successfully changing the life of a student for the better. Music education is undoubtedly crucial to the development of children in the United States (and everywhere), and teachers hold the power to shape their future.

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A Note To My Mentors