The Taboo of a Woman's Tragedy

The Taboo of a Woman's Tragedy


Matthew Stubbs



This project sought to musically represent unspoken tragedies befallen specifically to women around the world in an effort to begin the healing process for their victims, and educate a community complicit in allowing such anguish to go unrecognized by our governments failing systems. First person accounts and testimonials were used as research instruments to create cinematic compositions both from the perspective of the victims, and the composer coming to understand the harsh apathy to women’s pain. This study showed that music is a vital tool for the supplemental emotional education of these issues, yet what still remains unclear is if a listener is compelled to adapt their perspective off of the music alone. This project recommends that an artist fully realize their intentions before sharing socially active music. At the cost of spreading ideology, omitting the inspiration for a piece in presentation can allow for the listener to use their imagination to draw meaning, and thus has potential to affect a larger audience. Inspirations can always be made available upon request.

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Boston Campus


Project Components: paper (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 5 .wav files), scores (ZIP file containing 5 .pdf documents).

The Taboo of a Woman's Tragedy