The Greatest of These: Fighting for Freedom

The Greatest of These: Fighting for Freedom


Tyson Jackson


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Throughout out my development as a young man I’ve noticed that every successful individual that I’ve ever encountered whose left a strong impression on me all have shared a common characteristic. What is that you might ask? Well, that’s faith. Given that it requires much maturity, and a constant choosing of consistency it is a topic that is touchy and rarely talked about. The purpose of my culminating experience project is to shed light/share how my faith in Jesus Christ has been the very thing that has fueled everything that I’ve ever done as well as everything I’ve ever attained throughout my life. In addition, I ultimately plan to use this presentation in an effort to help others clearly understand that in many of the battles that we face, we never face them alone. With God’s love as center, and with the consistent accountability and support of each other, we will be able to be more victorious in our longstanding daily fight for freedom.

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The Greatest of These: Fighting for Freedom