Resonance as an act of Resistance

Resonance as an act of Resistance


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Resonance as an act of Resistance is an exploration of the philosophies of Gilles Deleuze and Hartmut Rosa through my personal prism on the crucial role of art and artists in our societies. How can art help us develop the tools to deal with the biggest issues the world is facing right now? In this presentation I navigate through the relationship of figures like Etty Hillesum and Primo Levi with what they experienced during Holocaust, as well as Rodolpho Mendoza Denton’s studies on cognitive sciences and racism. We will observe how human beings are victim in some contexts and persecutor in other contexts. How we are all part of the problem and part of the solution at the same time. How to transform poison into medicine through art, religion and nature (vertical resonance).

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Resonance as an act of Resistance